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fun and easy geocaching hide ideasWelcome to geocaching ideas! The best place to get inspiration on making and hiding your very own geocaches. Whether you just need some good hide locations or an idea for a great geocaching hide container or even making your very own well camouflaged container, we have many ideas and suggestions for you to try.

What is geocaching?
To sum it up geocaching has been called a hi-tech world wide treasure hunt, but to me is much, much more. The basic premise involves someone hiding a container with a log book and sometimes little trinkets inside this is known as a cache. The coordinates to the hiding spot location is then posted online. People use a GPS devices and the provided coordinates to try and locate the geocache. From this point you can sign the log book, maybe take a gift and leave something for the next person. It is also a good idea later to post on the geocaching website that you have found the cache and share your experience and maybe even post a photo of the area.

There are many types of containers ranging from large to small and even micro and nano caches. The smaller containers tend to only contain a log book or a log scroll. The fun part of hiding a geocache is what is commonly referred to as an evil hide which basically means a well camouflaged container in a really good hiding spot. Many geocachers love the tricky hides as it can add a great challenge to the experience. To Many geocachers hiding a geocache is just as rewarding as searching for one.

Thanks for the great ideas for hiding geocaches, me and my kids have had allot of fun build some of the ideas you have outlined on your site. I love how users can also submit some of there ideas –  Mark


Please feel free to brows our site and get some ideas for hiding geocaches and take inspiration for others geocache hide ideas. Just remember when hiding a cache to hide it in a place that won’t be found by other non-geocachers (also known as muggles) and in a place that is not dangerous for geocachers to look. Great geocaching hide ideas are easy to make and only require a little imagination.

Happy Geocaching
Shawn Witteveen – Site Admin

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