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abandoned bicycle geocache hiding spot evil hide

If your looking for a clever geocache hiding spot that will leave even the most seasoned geocacher scratching there heads, try the “abandoned bicycle” geocache. The great thing about this geocache is that it is so easy to set up but will be so hard for your cache seekers to find. Now before I go into it, i definitely would not recommend using a good bike or one that you use currently. Its best if you have an old junker laying around or you can maybe even find one that will work at a salvage yard.

What you do is get a bike water bottle kit….and that’s your cache !!! attach to the bike and put in your log book and a few goodies. Now for placing the bike you can do it a few ways. The best way is to find a public bike rack up town lock it in the bike rack and hehehe your done. Or you could chain it in the woods but it would stick out and attract geocachers instantly. To give a hint you can even stick a geocaching sticker to the water bottle or paint a small text on the bike.

This is a fun way to hide a caching and I’m sure your will get allot of DNF’s

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