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How to get good accurate coordinants when hiding a geocache

When hiding a geocache is very important to to record accurate coordinates that you can post after all you don’t want to send everyone on a wild goose chase. You should first of all read the documentation that came with your gps unit for any tips that they might include for getting the most accurate satellite signals with their specific unit.

It’s a good idea to approach your cache from a clear area so your unit can acquire good satellite readings. It’s best to do it on a nice clear day so as to have little interference as possible. Hold your geocaching gps unit as close to your hidden cache as possible, if there are allot of branches that could cause interference feel free to hold it directly above the cache.

Keep in in the spot for at least a few minutes so the unit has good time to retrieve the satellite signal so you can get accurate coordinates. In addition it doesn’t hurt to repeat this step a few time to be sure that the readings are the same every time. Weather can effect the readings you will get.

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